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iGaming’s newest and brightest frontier

Already set up and ahead of the rest as the U.S. opens its doors to iGaming – we’ll take you to the stars and stripes.

Welcome to the USA, soon expected to become the latest and greatest in the iGaming industry. Online gambling was made legal by the Supreme Court 3 years ago, and plenty of states have already jumped into the game, by preparing the necessary regulatory processes.

We can help you to understand and take advantage of the enormous potential in this fresh new iGaming wonderland. Our bespoke solutions for licensed hosting in the USA are secure and reliable, so count on us to get you up and active.

  • iGaming hosting in the U.S. – compliant and reliable
    Leaders of the U.S. iGaming hosting industry, we will take care of all the necessary licenses which you require.
  • Sophisticated bespoke solutions
    With different legal regulations in each state, we will attentively tailor your platform to perfection, both compliant and inviting.
  • At your side with boots on the ground
    Besides a profound understanding of the U.S. market, we have secure data centers in several states with more coming soon to support your business.

The U.S. could surpass Europe in terms of statistical iGaming numbers over the coming 5 years. The growth of online gambling in America however, is stunted by the complex licensing regulations. At the moment New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Indiana, Iowa, and Colorado are considered to be the most suitable “starter-states”, offering the most attractive correlation revenue to licensed casinos correlation.

iGaming Hosting in New Jersey

Being the most competitive and lucrative state in the nation in terms of iGaming income, New Jersey is essential for the U.S. market. Being front-running in iGaming hosting in New Jersey, our solutions provide clients with custom hosting packages that can scale with the demand of the market.

iGaming Hosting in Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania is a fairly unrestricted state, with almost a dozen operating apps. Keeping one step ahead of competitors is crucial to this iGaming Hosting Pennsylvania market. It is imperative to find an iGaming hosting provider that guarantees 99.999% uptime so that your players have a better experience. It is for this reason that operators in Pennsylvania partner with us.

iGaming Hosting in Michigan

Michigan is currently one of the largest iGaming markets in the United States, making it one of the most sought-after states in the nation. With more than a dozen apps, the legislation does not prohibit any particular sports wagering other than collegiate sports and prop bets. iGaming hosting Michigan relies on providers like us, offering bespoke hosting solutions that boost operators’ revenues and ultimately gameplay popularity.

iGaming Hosting in Indiana

The recent developments in Indiana contributed to the lucrative value in this territory, resulting in regulated licensing categories for holders, vendors, and service providers within iGaming hosting in Indiana. Offering fully licensed and trustworthy iGaming hosting solutions, we are your best bet in Indiana.

iGaming Hosting in Iowa

Iowa is one of the medium-sized markets with more than 10 online SBO apps. With a wide range of options such as table games, slot machines, and sports wagering, the market has seen immense growth. As a global iGaming cloud hosting provider, we can assist you with setting up and expanding in this market.

iGaming Hosting in Colorado

Colorado has seen massive growth in just a short period. Launching in 2020, it now has more than two dozen online SBOs and is predicted to exhibit explosive growth within the market. With our custom iGaming hosting Colorado packages and innovative solutions, we provide hosting services dedicated to your needs and support your business as it scales up or down.

There are three main tiers when it comes to licensing in the various states
  1. Costing at least $50,000.00 and taking 6 – 8 months to process, those for operators vary from state to state, including casino operators, sports betting operators, and internet gambling operators.
  2. Those intended for tentative service providers, or gambling licensees, gaming service providers, gaming-related providers, and gambling-related suppliers can take just 3-4 months to attain, costing upwards of $10,000.00.
  3. These include software, slot machine providers, platform, and hosting providers. Vendor registration can require less than 30 days with a price not exceeding $750.

Other important documents which are typically requested can include annual and bi-annual reports for the past three years, articles of association, and comprehensive financial reports for up to 10 years just to name a few.

Furthermore, the much-contested Interstate Wire Act of 1961 forbids foreign and interstate operators from operating between states. It stipulates that each be licensed in specific states and that they be associated with a land-based casino.

This hurdle in the industry’s development means that one must view the U.S. as divided into 50 distinct jurisdictions, and is not expected to change any time soon.

Come to the U.S. and bet on us to get your dice rolling


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