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The leading iGaming continent – tried and tested

Welcome to our home – get your game on in Europe with our variety of offices and data centers.

Europe is a vibrant iGaming continent with healthy economies, reliable online gambling powerhouses, and newly regulated markets. Though Germany leads the way, there are plenty of fast-growing alternatives, including Poland and Switzerland. We can help you to set up and profit in Europe where we have enormous experience and several data centers.

  • Trustworthy compliance
    Transparent and reliant, we respect all regulations, in this case, the GDPR as stipulated by the EU – we require your specific consent in order to use your data. We earn your trust through honesty and compliance.
  • Leading-edge hosting solutions
    We improve your company’s performance with high redundancy, and for clients needing more bandwidth, we offer the best in latency solutions via direct connectivity options.
  • Scalability for all your needs
    When you have to deal with unforeseen peaks and loads, or when your business is rapidly growing, count on our cloud service to help you scale your environment up or down according to your needs.

There can be no denying that Europe is on the leading edge of the evolution of iGaming, which is one of the most rapidly expanding areas of this century’s global economic growth. Based on gambling activity, Europe is home to 5 of the world’s 10 top gambling nations.

Given that it is the world’s wealthiest continent, it lends itself to operational and technological development for countless iGaming companies – many of the leading iGaming developers are based here, specifically in the Scandinavian countries.

Strong regulations in many areas, such as fairness, customer security, and data protection make the market one of the most reliable and safest in the world.

The leading iGaming continent – bet on us for success


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