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A new frontier with abundant opportunities

Widely considered one of the next great frontiers of iGaming, our bespoke solutions will get you rolling.

Given a degree of saturation faced by operators in the more traditional iGaming continents such as Europe and Asia, many are turning their focus to Latin America. Likewise, many of the continent’s 20 countries are realizing the enormous potential of iGaming and coming to the table by legalizing it. With our data center and extensive understanding of the most important jurisdiction, we can take you to LatAm.

  • Trusted data centers in LatAm
    We provide only the finest in international iGaming Hosting solutions and already have a fully compliant data center in South America, with another one coming soon to help your business take flight.
  • Boots on the ground in all key markets
    You can depend on our expert hosting services in the top iGaming markets worldwide, allowing you worry-free management of multiple vendors.
  • Bespoke support for businesses of all sizes
    We distinguish ourselves from most typical providers by giving our devoted attention no matter the dimensions of your business.

LatAm is currently one of the most rapidly booming iGaming markets in the world. Amongst many others, Peru, Colombia, Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, and Chile are moving fast to regulate their local gaming markets as governments recognize the huge potential and seek to encourage the online sector. Most popular is the eSport sector which has been forecast to reach an unbelievable USD 646 million by 2023.

This increasingly enormous demand is contrasted by a broad variety of regulatory approaches, making a trustworthy hosting provider a fundamental necessity. The biggest challenge is to understand such a vast selection of cultural and language differences.

Cross new boundaries – let us take you to the East


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